Fixed Implants Restorations


  • Based on crow type (Z-PFM, E.max, Multishade Zirconia, Porcelain fused to Zirconia)


  • Anterior and posterior crowns
  • Anterior and posterior bridges

Custom Made Abutments

Due to the high degree of customization, Viax custom abutments are the perfect option to restore implants.


  • Made of grade 5 medical titanium
  • It gives an anatomical gingival contour for each piece, therefor achieving a better integration with the crown

Zirconia Super Structure

The Zirconia super-structure features full counter anterior and posterior teeth, along with pink tissue porcelain.


  • Patient masticatory functionality is improved.
  • highly aesthetic
  • high strength and durability.

Titanium Bars

Titanium bars solve the problem of stability of the prosthesis in the patients mouth, while offering high functionality and aesthetics.


  • Patient masticatory functionality is improved.
  • It is screwed into the mouth, So the patient doesn’t have to take it out.
  • The aesthetics are greatly improved.