Lucerna model VDL980-1


 ■ Quick Start Guide

 ■ Instructions For Use (IFU)

 ■ System Operations Manual

 ■ Packing List

Lucerna Product Content

Viax offers Lucerna’s product manuals as PDF files. Simply click on the product link below to view the complete manual.

Lucerna Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide provides information to help you start unpacking and using the Viax Dental Lab Lucerna model VDL980-1 dental laser.

Lucerna System Operations Manual

Operations Manual

The Viax Dental Lab Lucerna model VDL980-1 system operations manual provides instructions for those professionals that have completed the appropriate training for using a DENTAL laser.

Lucerna Instruction For Use

Instructions For Use

The Viax Dental Lab LUCERNA model VDL980-1 diode laser is a surgical and therapeutic device designed for a wide variety of oral soft tissue procedures, dental tooth whitening, and dental restorations.

Lucerna Packing List

Packing List

The packing list includes details about the contents of the Viax Dental Lab Lucerna model VDL980-1 dental laser product package.

Training for the dental professional and staff is highly recommended and opportunities for such are available through VIAX Dental continuing education programs. Please proceed to the EDUCATION menu item on our web site for training dates and locations. Training programs are also available through the Academy of Laser Dentistry, dental schools, and many dental continuums. You may also ask your authorized VIAX representative for the names of dentists in your area who have a laser or Viax Dental Lab Lucerna Model VDL980-1 and who could help you in a mentoring capacity. Proper training will allow for a thorough appreciation of the results than can be achieved with the Viax Dental Lab Lucerna Model VDL980-1 system and its many applications for use.