Our restorations deliver the perfect balance between strength, fit and naturalistic beauty

Each case we receive is immediately entered into our propietary CAD/CAM-driven system, and assessed and evaluated by specially trained experts. In the case of any questions or suggestions, the prescribing doctor is contacted before we process the case. We believe that doctor-to-doctor consultation is the best solution; in fact, this level of professional communication is truly unique and a defining element in VIAX’s service commitment as a truly customer-driven resource. Where Quality Is Our First Priority

Fixed Restorations



1. Print and fill out a VIAX RX Form
2. Proceed to pack the impressions or models using the Bubble wrap provided by Viax, or any other packaging material.
3. Print your pre-paid FEDEX SHIPPING LABEL
4. Need to order more boxes or packing supplies?
• Log into your viax account
• Or contact us at 1844-VIAXLAB
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Technology, excellence and quality of work … is the best way to define Viax

Dr Rodolfo Salazar

I am very satisfied with the results of the laboratory. They are very responsible with the work and their products are innovative, high quality and EXTREMELY precise.

Dra Karen Castillo

Working with Viax has improved my private practice. The products they are developing are something that I thought was impossible before I meet them. This quality of knowledge and technology added to the excellent customer services and fast delivery time are the qualities that draw me to VIAX.

Dr Alejandro Cartin