Viax is a dental community committed to excellence and delivering the finest care for patients. From FirstFit technology to the finest in dental restorations, we provide innovative products and optimal laboratory services

About Us


A Global Approach to Minimally Invasive Dentistry

From dynamic, new approaches to minimally invasive dentistry to innovative 3D platforms, Viax Dental Technologies sees things differently. Every product developed by our team is designed to put superior efficacy and greater clinical efficiency in the hands of dental professionals globally. Making a difference in how dentists take care of patients every day, driven by the commitment to minimally invasive dentistry, is the Viax mission.

Our Difference


What make us different?

Our deepest commitment is to help dentists provide the highest quality solutions available on the market. We are leaders in the industry because we continously invest in scientific research, training, customer service, quality control, and new technologies.

What make us better?

Our processes to create dental restorations involve the best practices and latest technology, from the time of receptions until the final delivery. During the manufacturing process, our technicians pay attention to the smallest details, from checking the dental impression before starting the manufacturing process, to controlling the room temperature in order to avoid micro-fractures in our restorations.